Eblast Subject Lines

Ranked among important eblast elements such as responsive design, body content, aesthetics, list size, etc., the subject line landed at the top as the most controllable element towards success. 

I’ve noticing a trend: eblast subject lines getting longer and longer. My initial reaction was to assume it would have a negative effect on opens just from the standpoint of it being truncated (33% of emails are read on mobile devices and therefore cut off at only 25-30 characters). Combine that with the fact that most of our audience (pastors) tends to be older, their text size is probably large – yep, now even less characters.

Throw in B2B vs B2C, offer type, industry, etc., and much of the data is inconclusive. For instance, the chart below will really throw you for a loop: It’s clear a super short subject provides for an amazing open rate (maybe because it looks like it’s from a friend?), but then looking deeper you see those with 50-59 characters performed 2nd best. What?

Survey from Informz.com

From personal experience, when I see an email subject that doesn’t make it’s point in the first few words, it usually gets deleted before I ever read it. And my experience in writing our own promotional eblast subjects seems to conclude the same – the shortest are the most responsive.

Need some inspiration?
I found this super helpful acrostic to help you make the most of your subject lines. There are examples to fit any industry, occasion or special offer you might have.

Final Thoughts
Being inundated with 100’s of emails daily, and a lot of data that doesn’t seem to point one way or the other, it’s my opinion that common sense will help you write the best eblast subject line.

That said, in your excitement to get your message out, don’t forget to include the most important aspect of the offer in the first few words in case it does in fact get truncated. But then don’t feel you have to limit your characters since apparently it will still help you get the most opens (35% open rate for 50-59 characters).