Pastor Resources Guide

Pastor Resources
 is a comprehensive advertising publication mailed to 100,000 of the most responsive churches in the United States – the strongest responding circulation of pastors-by-name available.

What’s in Pastor Resources? Church leaders across the nation rely on Pastor Resources to learn about the latest products and services that impact their congregation, services, operations, and every other aspect of running a church.

We consistently hear from church leaders that they appreciate Pastor Resources’ advertising focus. It allows them to evaluate products and services efficiently because we cut out unnecessary and distracting articles.
Here’s the best part – when you advertise through Pastor Resources you get to provide the content that you want pastors to receive. Our highest responding ads direct church leaders from the print guide to our digital guide where they can view your content including videos, ebook downloads, and more!

Pastor Resources Digital Guides and Apps


We’ve taken our Pastor Resources print guide and turned it into an online direct response channel where you can provide interactive content and receive leads from pastors who request more information about your product or service.

Our digital guide is where pastors view your ad online and where you have the ability to provide them with targeted content.
You can offer them downloads, informative videos and more. To receive your targeted offer church leaders must complete a response form which allows you to capture their information for your own follow up.

This unique response mechanism not only allows pastors a way to easily request offers/information from multiple organizations simultaneously, it provides you with a lead generator. An email alert is sent to you as each request is made and then stored in our Lead Management System for follow up.

It’s your own database of leads captured by date and/or issue to send your own e-blasts and create direct mail campaigns!


Our iPad app, released to the market in March of 2012, has over 5,000 pastors who have downloaded our unique response tool, and the subscriber list is growing daily.

Not simply a “flip magazine” on the iPad, the Pastor Resources app is a direct-response tool, generating leads for you. It allows pastors to share each page of interest socially (twitter & facebook), watch a video, visit your website, and request more information with one tap.
This is an excellent opportunity for your organization to creatively showcase your products/services! Much like the online version of Pastor Resources, the iPad app captures the pastor lead and sends it to you via email and our client center lead management system…but of course on the iPad, everything just looks better!

Just released! Our Android app was just released. This will open up thousands of more opportunities for pastors to learn about how you serve the church.

Email Opportunities


Over the last 14 years of publishing the Pastor Resources booklet, we’ve collected a responsive, growing list of over 18,000 pastor emails. These are 18,000 church leaders who have opted in and requested to receive special offers from organizations like yours.

With open rates as high as 31%, and a CTR that reached as high as 46%, it’s doubtful there is a better pastor email list available!

In order to maintain the size and quality of our list, we screen all campaigns to ensure there’s a clear and powerful benefit to our pastors – we prefer a free offer be included in your campaign. In either case, ALL exclusive e-blasts require The JCA Company staff approval prior to scheduling. Display Ads provides a comprehensive directory used by thousands of churches looking for everything from buildings to bulletins. Getting listed in our directory is an excellent way for church suppliers to reach the decision makers of the church.

However, with more than 2,500 organizations listed within the directory, we want to provide you the opportunity to stand out through the following advertising options:

  • Top Banner Ad – put your organization front and center for the thousands of church leaders who visit .
  • Side/Bottom Button Ad – your ad is placed alongside the Pastor Resources cover to gain even more exposure!

Using video in your ad can really show pastors how your organization can help them. These ads can be purchased in combinations with our other Pastor Resources print and digital ads or on a stand-alone basis.

For artwork specs and pricing, download our complete Pastor Resources Media Kit.