“The Internet has gotten so big that you can’t find anything on it.”

That was Trish Hagood, owner of an online marketing firm helping J.C. Penney as they bring back their catalog after a 5-year hiatus.

(Did you notice that? An online marketing firm acknowledging the importance of incorporating print?)

A few years ago we were hearing so many of our clients, and especially prospects, tout the ever popular “print is dead” mantra. We decided it must be time to give everyone what they wanted: so we dropped the print guide and told our audience of pastors to go online for the next issue. (Having an online guide that was producing 40-50% of our advertisers’ lead generation, we assumed we were safe.)

Yep. You guessed it. It was a flop.

But I believe it was also a very necessary part of the process, for us, our clients and our prospects.

So What Does Work?
Let’s get back to the phrase “print is dead”. Since we print 100,000 Pastor Resources Guides, you might be surprised to know that we agree with that statement… but only when referring to print alone. When it’s combined with several mediums––digital and apps––print gives you the ability to cut through the clutter. Once seen, prospects visit your website to continue researching your offering and ultimately make a purchase.

Being Introspective
How often do you see something of interest in a catalog and then go online to purchase it? Your prospects aren’t much different than you! So if your organization skips the initial print exposure, there’s a real good chance it won’t even be seen.

In other words, instead of trying to count strictly on your ability to keep up with the never-ending SEO changes and finding your organization lost in a sea of search results (unless your prospects just so happened to choose the perfect phrase you’ve been spending all of your google adword buys on), print will always set you apart.

As an example, the Pastor Resources Guide (illustrated below) is several components working together producing the kind of results that our advertisers rave about.

 (Our clients don’t purchase these opportunities separately. Rather, they’re
packaged together for the most effective exposure.)

In summary, have you found yourself leaning on stand-alone marketing techniques? Is all of your marketing online? All print? Consider an integrated approach to truly stand out and ultimately find new customers.